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Do you need more space in your home. Kids growing, in-laws moving in, or need a home office? Building a home addition is one way to do it. But do you want to spend all that money and open your home to the cold nights and mornings while the addition is being built. If you have a basement, finishing the basement may be a better option.

Remodeling a basement is a cost-effective way to add useable, livable and a great way to add value to your home at the same time.  It is much easier to transform a basement into the useable space you need than it is to add home addition or another floor to your home. It is much less disruptive too.

A lot of people are remodeling their home, instead of selling and buying a new one. But if you are considering selling your home at some point, you should still consider basement remodeling.  Even in a housing market where inventory is low, buyers still want a move-in ready house and are willing to pay more for one that’s ready-to-go. Having a finished basement is very attractive to buyers because it's some place they can put the kids, their office or their extra stuff. Finished basements definitely add value to the home.

Remodeling or finishing a basement can give you the space you need and the value you want. Whether it's providing more space for storage, a place for guests, a play room or a home office the renovation can give your home the feel and the space you have been waiting for.

At Manzola Carpentry, we would love to discuss your ideas and help you turn that unused space into something you can enjoy for many years. Contact Us.

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