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Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer. 

I have been in business since 1980. I started out in Boulder CO. in 1978 working for a contractor in that area.

In 1980 I started Mazola Carpentry. I currently am a remodeling contractor. We do additions, basement remodels and more. We take the job from start to finish. I am a hands on contractors. I do all the framing and finish work on all my projects.

What are some of the most popular renovations for homes? 

Additions, basements, kitchens and baths.

What are a few of the biggest mistakes that a contractor can make on a home renovation or addition?

As a contractor you need to make sure that you and the homeowner are communicating the specifics of the project and work with the homeowner throughout the process. For myself, communication is everything.

Is there anything that homeowners can do to help prevent those mistakes?

Communicating is key. Having a written contract that clearly states what will be done from start to finish and a time frame for the customer is very important.

What is the key to great design that a homeowner is going to be happy with?

Having a blueprint is very helpful and having the homeowner involved in the project is what will make the outcome something that they are happy with and that I am happy with as well.

Do you have any advice for hiring the right contractor to do your home renovation/addition?

Do your research; make sure your contractor has proper licenses, insurance and ask around as much as possible. One thing that is helpful is to see how long he has had the same sub contractors (electricians, plumbers. Etc.). I think a contractor can only be as good as his sub contractors. We treat customer's homes like we were in our home. It should always be clean when you leave.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Website: www.Manzola-Carpentry.com

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