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Antique furniture, family heirlooms, beautiful yard sale steals. Old furniture can be charming and add character to a room that you just can’t find in mass produced furniture of today. You may think that your old beautiful dining room table has character with those scratches on it. But your dining room table would have more character if it was in perfect condition.

It may be your intention to refinish your antiques or family heirlooms yourself. How hard could it be? It’s hard. Beautiful wood furniture with inlays or carved legs should be treated as such. Professional furniture restoration can change the look and feel of your piece of furniture, and in-turn, change the look and feel of your home.

An impressively furnished home is welcoming and is what makes your house a home. You deserve to have a comforting welcoming room to walk into when you get home from work. Having a nice welcoming space is relaxing and peaceful, even subconsciously.

Just because there is a chip or a scratch in your grandmother’s table does not mean it has to be put in the spare bedroom. Furniture refinishing and repair specialists can fix a dent, scratch, chip or even a missing table leg. Mass produced furniture does not have the charm of the furniture from days past. And buying brand-new hand-carved furniture can be expensive. At Manzola-Carpentry we are woodworkers at heart, contact us for furniture refinishing and restorations.

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