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Summer is here and so is the heat. Is your deck ready for another summer and more memories and experiences? Or do you need more space from a new deck?

Summer is the perfect time of the year for outdoor activities like enjoying a barbeques and evening get-togethers. Get your summer stage – the deck – ready for more fun under the sun. Do you needs new deck or deck refinishing or repairs?

Do not wait until it is too late to find out that you need more space on your deck at home. Now is the time for deck maintenance, and deck refinishing while the season has just begun. This will get your deck prepared for the summer and keep it in good condition all year round.

Have a carpenter in Milford inspect your deck to determine if it needs deck repair.

  1. Check the railing to ensure they are safe and firm.
  2. Examine the surface of your deck for protruding nail heads.
  3. Look for cracks that might have occurred due to heavy loads of snow during winter.
  4. Poke into the wood on the spots that you suspect to have defects, more particularly to those parts where moisture commonly collects

For more information on a new deck or deck repairs, call a professional from Manzola Carpentry.

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