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Sunroom Additions – An Indoor Room with an Outdoor Feel - Milford, MA

08 Apr 2015

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Spring is the perfect time to begin your plans for additional living space at home. Building a sunroom now lets you enjoy it all summer long. This home addition is a cross between a family room and a backyard patio because you gain an indoor room with an outdoor feel. For this reason, sunrooms have become one of the most common options in home additions. This new room will become the brand new hangout or gathering spot at home that is likely to become your family’s favorite space.

To connect to the outside world, choosing the right window type and materials is important to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your sunroom addition. You will also need to install window coverings that provide privacy and control sunlight. Cathedral ceilings and ceramic tile also make great sunroom aesthetics by providing a sense of spaciousness and coolness underfoot on a hot summer day. There are a wide range of options for sunroom customization to choose from when planning to add a sunroom to your home. Because sunrooms are a hybrid of indoor and outdoor space there is much to consider in building one, even the most basic details and minimalistic designs need to be performed by an expert in sunroom additions.

Home additions in Milford, MA give you the opportunity and the options to add details to your home that you have not considered. These home improvements also help improve your living experience and increase the space and value of your home. If you want to enjoy this new space faster and years to come, have the addition built by a professional.

For more details, contact Manzola Carpentry.

Sunroom Additions can Become a Favorite Gathering Spot in Spring and Summer - Milford, MA

25 Mar 2015

Posted by Joseph Coupal

If you are planning for additional living space at home that will not only contribute to your overall comfort but will also increase your home value, then consider building a sunroom. In fact, the spring season is the perfect time begin plans to add a sunroom so it can be used all summer long.

Sunroom additions can be custom-built so they appear to be a continuation of the original house and not an add-on. Sunrooms provide an informal and inviting area to eat in, relax and entertain sunny, warm months. They can also provide a sort of staycation where you have time for yourself to read or simply relax during an afternoon in the sun. This brand new living space will become your family’s favorite gathering spot; additional indoor space with an outdoor feel.

For home additions in Milford, MA, hire a professional to do the job for you. A professionally done addition means you will be enjoying this space faster and for many years. Find out more by contacting the Manzola Carpentry.

Adding Sunroom can be a Four-Season Home Addition - Milford, MA

08 Aug 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Make a part of your home a perfect place that is charming and cozy. Adding a sunroom allows homeowners like you to enjoy the surrounding landscape while you are protected against all kinds of weather conditions.

Sunroom additions can be considered a four-season home addition in Milford, MA. This compound word, sunroom, may give an instant implication that it can only be used during summer when the sun is out. This is a common misconception because a sunroom can be appropriate even during the winter, spring, or fall.

A sunroom keeps you sheltered while you enjoy the scenery and light from outside your home. You can enjoy the switch from season to season. It is usually a glass-enclosed porch with a sunny exposure, which is why it can also be called a sun-porch. Sunroom additions let you feel like you are enjoying the outdoors without actually being outside your home. Indeed, this home addition increases both the value of you home and space in your home, supporting leisurely living and supplementing square footage.

Adding a sunroom to your home means turning an existing space into a convenient escape or sunny retreat. It can act as a second but a more private living room. They can also serve multiple purposes and get used all day long.

For more information and ideas on adding a sunroom to your home, contact Manzola Carpentry.

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