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Basement Remodeling This Fall for More Space this Winter - Milford, MA

14 Oct 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

A basement is more often than not a catch-all room in your house. But, because of its expansive layout, it can be transformed to be a kid-friendly playroom, an entertainment area, a storage space, or any other functional or frivolous space you need. With winter on the way, basement remodeling is a practical home project in order to create a winter room for everybody in your home.

Basement remodeling in Milford, MA can turn an underutilized area into a place that you and your family might need when the winter kicks in. It can be an ultimate escape to keep cozy and comfortable all winter long, and all year long. Adding extra square footage to your home as your family grows provides room and adds home value.

Hiring a professional for basement remodeling is important in deciding how to best utilize the space while staying in budget. Clever built-ins in your basement can also help clarify room divisions and aid in organization. The options are endless when it comes to remodeling your basement. So consult with a professional to see what works for such space you have, especially now that winter will soon cause you spend more time indoors.

Have your basement remodeled this fall so you can make the most out of it with your family during winter. Contact Manzola Carpentry for more details.

Remodel Your Basement to Make a Cozy Winter Room - Milford, MA

20 Aug 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

No matter the size of your basement, you can turn it into a multi-purpose room. With winter on the way, many homeowners are preparing for the cold season. Your living room will feel that much smaller, you certainly will want to do basement remodeling to make such space look and feel warmer for winter.

You can create an instant winter getaway inside your home by hiring an expert in basement remodeling to turn it into a cozy room for the cold season. You can also use a fireplace as an accent to create that soft and warm ambiance.

By painting with hot colors you can warm up your basement too. These colors can be used when choosing your accessories. Adding a dark blue drapery running from floor to ceiling will not only contribute to the warmth but also create a more polished look. This can be matched with a beautifully dimmed blue glow coming from different directions to add a sense of warmth in the area.

Make use of every square inch of your home to make the most out of your living space. No area should be underutilized. Basement renovations are a great alternative to building an addition. In general, basement remodeling in Milford, MA can enhance your lifestyle in the winter and all year round.

Let Manzola Carpentry do the basement remodeling for you.

Basement Remodeling: Transforming Your Basement into a Safe and Stylish Space - Franklin, MA

18 Jun 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Utilize the space in your home that is often out of sight or out of mind – the basement. Usually, it is often used for storage. Often, it is an space that is very underutilized.

Now is the time to make your basement into a space you can live in. Transform it into a useful space that's safe and stylish through basement remodeling in Franklin, MA.

When renovating your basement, electrical wiring and plumbing system must be inspected closely. Therefore, you need a professional to work on renovating basement space. Have them check to see if there are cracks in the foundation or if there is any possibility of water infiltration. Basements should be remodeled to be water-safe and to maintain a proper ventilation.

Modern home furniture, colors, design accents and light fixtures can be added to make the basement more enjoyable and livable. With basement remodeling you can create a room for whatever you and your family need.

Home remodeling can be fun and easy through making changes in your basement. By renovating the basement you can add an extra room to your home that can provide more flexibility for your family and increase resale value.

Can you picture what you want your basement to look like? Find inspiration from interior design magazines or ideas from online basement remodeling sources. Contact Manzola Carpentry for advice and assistance in renovating your basement.

Basement Remodeling Tips and Ideas - Milford, MA

23 Aug 2013

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Basement remodeling adds living space to your home without the cost of adding on a home addition. Turning your basement into a beautiful gathering area not only adds space to your home, it also increases property value.

If your home has an unfinished basement, you have space that could be worth thousands of dollars. Here are some ways to make the most of this potential investment.

Basement remodeling tips and finishing ideas

1. How do you want to use added space? Some basements are cellars with dirt floors and stone walls. You can take advantage of cellar space, especially if you like to cook. Cellars can be used for canned goods, smoking meats, storage, an additional freezer, or as a hobby or workspace.  Cellars can even be turned into a second kitchen for holidays or entertaining.

2. Homes that have basements with concrete floors may have electric and heat already, but if not, these can be easily added. Also, you should check for radon, lead paint, and possible toxic fumes from stored chemicals before beginning a basement remodeling project.

3. Consider possible uses for your new living space as you consider the needs of your family. A growing family may need to turn the basement into one or two bedrooms. Building codes require that bedrooms are well vented and heated and that there is a fire escape plan.

Basement space can also be used as a recreation or entertainment room with a television, games, comfortable furniture, or even a refrigerator. A basement can make an excellent playroom for kids.

Another popular idea for basement remodeling is to turn it into home office. This can be done fairly inexpensively by putting up wallboard, adding carpet or tile, and buying office equipment. If the space is large, a hobby room for sewing, reading, writing, or studying can be added as well.

Finishing a basement can fit any budget, and it can be fun to have added space in your home that you never had before. Contact Manzola Carpentry to see if your basement is good candidate for remodeling.

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