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Add a Wine Cellar in Your Basement – Milford, MA

21 Mar 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Are you a novice wine collector? Do you want to grow your wine collection but have nowhere to store it? Turn part of your unused basement into a very cool wine cellar. Wines get better with age, but only if they are properly stored.

Red wines in particular can continue to develop in the bottle if they are kept at the right temperature and humidity. So you can’t just keep them at the bar, in your kitchen or in the dining room, they need proper storage, temperature, humidity, and light. Build a wine cellar in the basement.

Build your own wine cellar to protect your investments – or to protect your simple, but fun collection.

For ideal wine storage conditions, a wind cellar needs insulation, sealed enclosure, temperature control and storage racks.

Wine Cellars can be built in any space, basements, converted front porches or spare bedrooms. It can be small or large, depending on your personal taste, and the amount of bottles you want to amass.

The investment of creating a wine cellar in the basement is justified since, over time, bottles can appreciate to thousands of dollars.

It's important to first determine what type of wines you will eventually store, including a variety of bottle sizes and shapes.

If the room will be built in an existing structure, it can be designed from the frame out beginning with a moisture-barrier surface to make the room airtight. Also, it's also important to have a door that seals.

For display you can have installed rolling racks designed to allow bottles to be positioned so labels are visible. It is also fun to install countertops around the room's perimeter so there's a place to set wine when it's enjoyed. Including a small table in the wine cellar is also a fun detail.

Even if you have never thought of yourself as a collector, if every bottle of wine you have bought you fully intend to drink, it is fun to have a wine cellar in the basement.

If you like wine, drinking and collecting it, give yourself some room enjoy it, look around and pull some bottles. You really don't need a big space.

For more information, contact Manzola Carpentry in Milford.


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