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Basement Renovations and Home Additions Add Value to Your Home – Milford, MA

20 Sep 2013

Posted by Joseph Coupal

If you need more living space and have been looking for a new home, you probably understand that the dollar does not go very far in the real estate market right now. Add to that the concern that the crises may not be over and many people are gun-shy about making the financial commitment on a new home. However, when you consider a home addition or basement remodeling, the dollar stretches much farther and you will get a high return on your investment.

For the past five years homeowners have been putting off home buying, home renovations and remodeling as they waited for the end of the recession to come into sight. Now, more homeowners are thinking about home improvements and remodeling projects that they had previously put off rather than moving.

Other than bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, homeowners are again planning bigger projects as the economy recovers. Home additions are faster, easier and less disruptive than moving and they require far less of a financial commitment than buying new.

Fall is the perfect time to begin those home renovations that you have been putting off. Finally, you may be in a position where you are more comfortable doing renovations. Home renovations and remodeling projects will  help maintain or actually increase the value of your home.

Homeowners who are not interested in selling now, and are not interested in selling in a year because of concerns over higher interest rates can add space to their homes with basement remodeling and home additions.  Not only will you be more comfortable in your home with more space, you can forgo the stress of a move. Home additions and finishing the basement will also help you realize a return on your investment and increase your home’s value.

Now you can start to get serious about your home remodeling dreams, contact Manzola Carpentry for information and design ideas.

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