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Basement Remodeling Provides Extra Space without Using The Yard Or Savings - Milford, MA

03 May 2016

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Basement remodeling in Milford, MA offers homeowners a more attractive alternative for home additions. Because the basement already has walls and ceiling, extra time and money is not necessary for more living space with great results.

Remodeling the basement has an excellent return on investment. In fact, it is a surefire way to increase the overall value of a home granting it a higher appraisal for resale. This alternative to home additions allows homeowners to exploit the space that already exists at home.

A professional can make a damp and dark basement accommodating for your family's specific requirements. Benefit from a additional space for a fraction of the cost to build an addition. In addition to staying within budget, this extra space will also not reduce the size of your yard either.

To make sure your home improvement project is done right, choose a remodeling contractor who has the knowledge and the experience to transform a basement into more useful and beautiful space. This way you are guaranteed a dream basement when the project is complete.

To find out more about basement remodeling, contact Manzola Carpentry

Basement Remodeling with an Expert will Correctly and Creatively Transform Your Basement into A More Useful Space - Milford, MA

30 Mar 2016

Posted by Joseph Coupal

While some basements are finished, the majority of basements are used as makeshift laundry rooms or storage areas. A basement is typically about a third of the entire home’s available space and under utilizing it is a waste of space. That is why hiring a home remodeling contractor who can turn this damp and dark space into something more useful can benefit you, your family, and the value of your home.

There are many different benefits to consider withbasement remodeling in Milford, MA. However, this home improvement project is not without its challenges. For instance, a below-grade space is subject to water and moisture which are two common enemies of home construction. Another is the challenge of limited natural light. Add to that the overhead pipes and duct work. For these reasons, it is important to let a basement remodeling expert do the job for you correctly and creatively. This will guarantee that every element in your newly remodeled basement is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional, as well as up to code.

Unlike a home addition, when remodeling the basement there is no need to excavate for new footings or worry about structural loads. Utilities are already close at hand so you don't need to worry about them either.

To find out more about basement remodeling, contact Manzola Carpentry.

Basement Remodeling Gives You A More Welcoming Home - Milford, MA

22 Feb 2016

Posted by Joseph Coupal

If your basement feels more like an empty cave than a living space, then it is high time you revamp it and make it a place to relax and enjoy when at home. You can have a more welcoming home with the help of a remodeling contractor who can give you options in how to make use of this part of your home. Turning it to better living space is a simple process for a home remodeling contractor throughout the entire project from start to finish.

Basement remodeling in Milford, MA gives you the opportunity to maximize the potential of your basement as an extra room that can be transformed into whatever you may want to use it for. Your unfinished basement is a blank slate of possibilities which can be turned into a cozy entertainment room, hobby space, music room, study area, home office, or simple guest room.

Remodeling the basement is one of the most practical things in which a homeowner can invest. This home improvement project can help increase the livable space in your home, adding square footage and value. It is also a more affordable option than actually adding a second floor or other style home addition because the basement already has floor, walls, and ceiling.

To find out more about basement remodeling ideas, contact Manzola Carpentry.

Basement Remodeling Gives You Additional Space with Endless Creative and Functional Purposes - Milford, MA

15 Feb 2016

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Often it is hard to decide to begin remodeling the basement because you may be unsure if it is worth the investment of time and money. Suggestions or comments from others can often confuse and affect your final decision. Before deciding, continue reading and you may find how practical the decision to remodel the basement in your home can be.

Basement remodeling in Milford, MA gives your home additional space with endless creative and functional purposes. This multi-purpose area can be turned into a home office, study room, mini-library, playroom, entertainment center, home gym, music room, or game and bar space. The list of options can go one based on the needs of your family.

With the help of a reliable home remodeling contractor, your unfinished basement can be beautifully transformed into a more useful and attractive area instead of leaving it underutilized and undervalued. You will make an investment in your basement remodeling project and in your home but, when done right, a finished basement can achieve a high return on investment, often over 70%.

However, this is more often achieved when the project is done through a home remodeling contractor and not as a DIY project. To find more about your options onfor remodeling the basement, contact Manzola Carpentry.

Basement Remodeling Does More For a Home Than Just Adding Living Space - Milford, MA

01 Feb 2016

Posted by Joseph Coupal

If you are underutilizing or not using your basement at all because it is damp and dark, then consider consulting with a basement remodeling professional to find out what can be done with that space. With the help of an expert, you will be able to turn your basement from damp and dark to desirable, adding more space that adds value.

Most know that basement remodeling in Milford, MA is a practical way to add precious square feet to your home and create a space where you can unwind with your family, pursue a hobby, or enjoy the game with friends. But homeowners who have opted for basement remodeling also see other benefits that this home improvement project can offer as well.

Remodeling the basement can also improve your home's foundation and lighting. Before this project begins, the remodeling contractor first checks the foundation for leaks, water stains, or any other signs that could mean a leaky pipe. Options will be provided in regards to lighting as well. Making use of natural light, recessed lights, and dimmers so you can achieve the lighting that is perfect for the basement transformation you have been dreaming of. As a result, you will have an extra room that is not damp or dark to use the way you like.

To find out more about the benefits of basement remodeling, contact Manzola Carpentry.

Expert Tips on Home Renovations and Additions: An Interview with Michael Manzola of Manzola Carpentry

19 Sep 2014

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer. 

I have been in business since 1980. I started out in Boulder CO. in 1978 working for a contractor in that area.

In 1980 I started Mazola Carpentry. I currently am a remodeling contractor. We do additions, basement remodels and more. We take the job from start to finish. I am a hands on contractors. I do all the framing and finish work on all my projects.

What are some of the most popular renovations for homes? 

Additions, basements, kitchens and baths.

What are a few of the biggest mistakes that a contractor can make on a home renovation or addition?

As a contractor you need to make sure that you and the homeowner are communicating the specifics of the project and work with the homeowner throughout the process. For myself, communication is everything.

Is there anything that homeowners can do to help prevent those mistakes?

Communicating is key. Having a written contract that clearly states what will be done from start to finish and a time frame for the customer is very important.

What is the key to great design that a homeowner is going to be happy with?

Having a blueprint is very helpful and having the homeowner involved in the project is what will make the outcome something that they are happy with and that I am happy with as well.

Do you have any advice for hiring the right contractor to do your home renovation/addition?

Do your research; make sure your contractor has proper licenses, insurance and ask around as much as possible. One thing that is helpful is to see how long he has had the same sub contractors (electricians, plumbers. Etc.). I think a contractor can only be as good as his sub contractors. We treat customer's homes like we were in our home. It should always be clean when you leave.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Website: www.Manzola-Carpentry.com

Check out my interview, Expert Tips on Home Renovations and Additions on Mass Realty, one of the top sites for Massachusetts real estate, including Dorchester, MA real estate. Mass Realty also services Rhode Island real estate and New York homes for sale.

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