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As much as possible, an addition should look like it could always have been there.

When adding an addition to your home, you can let your creativity and personal taste lead the way in your design. But when you're adding onto an existing home, you need to be sure you’re your home will work stylistically in order to get the maximum ROI when it's time to sell. Your home addition design needs to blend well with your original home.

Your new home addition should look like it has always been there. You will want to continue the window design, molding, or flooring style throughout the addition. You will also, try to match finish materials, like your siding, roofing and trim.

However, you don’t want to get so caught up in creating something that is so similar to the original home that you miss out on modern conveniences and features. Making home additions bright and airy, with large windows and high ceilings—even if the original house tends to be compact and dark, will make the room feel friendly and welcoming and will be more in the style of homes today.

Another secret to home additions is to make the addition a bit more simple than the original home. It is safer to step down the level of ornamentation rather than having it compete with the house. Trim, metal roofing and stucco siding can give the addition the feel of an original wing of the house. You can then tie things together with paint, light fixtures and other cosmetic details.

For more information on an addition for your home, contact Manzola Carpentry.


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