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It may be August, but it is still a great time to build a new deck or screened-in porch on your home. In Massachusetts, we enjoy our deck longer than most parts of the country, we are hardier, we like the fall. If you don’t have a deck on your home, or you if your deck needs to be replaced, now is the time. Don’t let a deck that needs help go through another winter. Replace it now and never maintain your deck again.

Not only do we love an outdoor deck in Massachusetts, a well-built deck adds beauty to your home. But a new deck goes well beyond appearance. With the most advanced decking technology you new deck will be built to last and it will be low (or no) maintenance. With composite decking you will never have to face mold, fading, staining again. Other thank the low maintenance of new decking material, the appearance will last a lifetime too. Composite decking is made from 100% green recyclable materials, with numerous colors and finishes available.
A new deck or screened-in porch will be able to endure anything you or the weather can throw at it because the new materials available are extremely durable. You can enjoy your deck for as long as you are in your home. Add value to your home, while adding space to relax and time to your life where you can and enjoy family and friends instead of spending that time painting your deck.

For more information on a new deck, contact Manzola Carpentry. We have been doing this for 28 years and we would like to talk to you about the different types of materials available and some great options you may not have considered

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